Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving @ Disney Land & Surgery

We took the kids to Disney Land for Thanksgiving. I hadn't been there for quite awhile and it was the kid's first time. It was seriously magical. It was a big treat to see Chelsea and Justin as well. We want to go back every year. Perhaps on our way to visit family for the Holidays to miss the crowds next time though ;)

Almost all of my Christmas shopping is finished and frankly I'm becoming dis-functional as Justin's surgery grows closer (which is probably a good thing because I'm spending WAY too much $$$). Justin's surgery is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. Thursday. It's projected to last 4-6 hours. I'm hoping we're finished before noon. The surgery is at Barrows then he will be moved over to PHX Children's Hospital immediately following the surgery.

Here are some pics of our Disney/CA Adventures Trip:

 Waiting in line to ride the "Cars" ride. Our first ride...which we rode
twice and only waited 20 minutes for. Best ride ever!!!

 Logan pants with his mow-hawk.

 Justin chillin', waiting for a ride to start.

 Logan pants on the Merry-Go-Round.

Luv these 2! 

Splash Mtn before the Splash

First time on Splash Mtn...all Logan could say afterwards was 'Oh crap'.

2nd time on Splash Mtn....we got smart then proceeded to ride 3-4 more times. 

 Tower of Terror...I had no idea what this ride was. Poor Logan
was crying afterwards. If I knew the craziness of the ride I
wouldn't have took Logan. Totally a thrill...Justin loved this ride,
I think we rode it 4-5 times.

 Justin and Jason in the middle row. Tomorrow Land was my favorite.

 Again on Space Mtn with Justin and Justin in the back (can't see Justin),
Chelsea and Jason in the middle and Justin's parents posing in the front!!!
Luv the poses.

 Justin in the Treehouse.

Logan pants playin' on the railing as we waited in line.