Saturday, July 5, 2008

Justin loves trains! Besides that I put together a 2-page scrapbook layout that has the train I needed a picture of him in a yellow train. I know, I know...I did it backwards.

We went to ride the train at the clubhouse here in our development because our A/C unit wasn't working properly and it was getting too hot to sit inside and wait for him to arrive. We headed out to burn sometime (no pun intended) to prevent from roasting ourselves to death. I'm sure this will be a memorable visit for Ali.

Everyone keeps bugging me to put together a blog so I will do my best to keep up.

Justin will be two on July 25th. He loves cars and trucks and he loves to go to the park and swing and he really likes Oreos! Jason is working nights, starting tonight. His shift starts at 11p.m. and he will get off around 8 or 9am. He seems to enjoy his job. The other day he had a long shift and I asked him why he was so late and he said he caught some smugglers with 163lbs of marijuana (actually the smugglers ran but they left their packs hidden). Ali and I gasped...responding 'that was quite a bit of weed'. Jason responded that it wasn't really that much comparatively speaking. Crazy, I thought. I am working hard doing insurance and training for the "Top of Utah" marathon in Logan, UT. I am running the race with two of my sisters (Chelsea & Kami), the race is in September. We had to run 12 miles today...let's just say I haven't had the most pleasant disposition today. Woowhooo!!!