Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time Flies

I can't believe how fast the summer has come and gone. We had a fun summer and the heat hasn't been too bad. We have had a lot of monsoons lately so it has been really humid. Here is an overview of our summer and things to come:
Tressler family reunion at Bear Lake. Doing what us Tressler's 'do' best...eating.
We made sand art with candy sand. Yumm-o.
Logan with cousins Chloe and Kaylee
Logan at the beach
Justin at the beach
Logan and Jason on the boat. Logan loved the boat...
Justin on the other hand didn't like being on the boat at all
Justin on the tube...safe on the beach
Chillin' at the beach
We headed to a cave up the mountain. Very interesting.
Group photo. The peeps not in green are my cousin Jeff, his wife Kim and their kids.
Also my Uncle Ernie, Aunt Margo and Aunt Lucy whom we hadn't seen in 20 years.
It was great to see them, probably the best part of the Tressler family reunion.
We were missing Leanne who was recovering from delivering baby #6...yo go girl!
Justin playing air hockey with some of his cousins.
We headed to 7 Peaks in Provo in between the two family reunions.
Going down the lazy river.
We headed up to SLC and spent a few days with Kami and Jason.
We hiked up to Donut Falls with Kami.
We met my dad in SLC on his lunch break where he treated us to some
food we had been wanting to try out for awhile @ Bruges Waffles & Frites.
Thanks Dad!
Jason and I shared this bad boy called a 'Machine Gun'. It has sausage on the bottom in a fresh
baguette roll then layered with their award winning french fries and topped with this spicy, yummy
sauce. It was too die for. Loved it, loved it! We will have to visit this place on the regular.
Main reason for the visit was to get one of their L'eige waffles. Basically a waffle that has yeast in it.
It wasn't a disappointment...especially with that HUGE scoop of whipped cream. So heavenly.
We then met Kami and Jason's parents at Los Taquitos, which has been featured on the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I feel bad we didn't get any pics of Kami and Jason...just the food. Sorry sis!
Now on to Jason's family reunion at Bear Lake. Jason working on his panoramic skills. Looks good J.
Logan and Justin with some of their cousins. Trent and Addie.
Eating licorice on the hammock.
We all went through the Manti Temple with Ali to get her endowments taken out in preparation for her mission to Reno, NV. It was an amazing experience and I'm sure even more amazing for Janet and Ardean to have all their children in the Temple for the first time...all together. It was very special. This little cutie was blessed after the Temple session. Maree is such a sweet baby.
Cousins chillin' in the water on the trampoline. Good times.
My father-in-law Ardean, baptized this man (Jean Claude)...30-40 years ago while he was serving his mission in Australia. Jean Claude moved to France and him and his wife (Natalie) were visiting the states and were able to do a session with Ardean and Janet while we were in Manti. I sat by them at the luncheon and asked where they were living and when they said France, I said...'oh, my sister served her mission in France'. Come to findout Jean Claude and Natalie were the Branch Presidents in the mission when my sister, Heidi and her now husband Chris were serving. They actually have pictures of my sister when she was serving in France 15-20 years ago. Very small world...it was cool to be able to make a connection with them. Very nice couple...and do I look like an amazon woman here or what?!?!?!...geeze. I'm tall.
Paella anyone?
Jason and his Sous-Chef Mark, made Paella for us. They did not disappoint.
Sous-Chef Mark at his finest;)
My mouth is seriously watering. This is the chicken paella.
The start of the seafood paella.
We are always with family for Justin's birthday since his birthday is in July.
He is opening his gifts here. Happy as can be. He is now 7!
Hangin' out with cousins.
Logan, Campbelle & Addie. One of the few times Logan
wasn't torturing one of his cousins.
The kids had such a great time at the reunions and it was so great to have
them both at the same place so we didn't have to travel too much in between
and were able to spend time with both sides of the family. Thank you to
everyone who put in time and effort planning and making the reunions successful.
Jason found Logan under the desk one night when he returned home from work at 4 am.
Logan has discovered monsters and being scared. He is a fruit cake.

We invited a few friends to see Despicable Me 2 and then to McDonald's
for a small birthday party when we returned from Utah.
We received this from the Christensen's. I was so touched...it's so cool
to have such great support. We love seeing this everyday.

Justin started 2nd grade yesterday and Logan starts preschool next Tuesday. Justin is really enjoying 2nd grade and Logan can't wait to start preschool. Justin has healed very well. He is handling everything extremely well.

Jason and I both had MRIs and things seem to be clear...so we don't have NF2. YAY!

I got a call while I was writing this Blog informing me the results were back from the genetic testing and Justin definitely has NF2. Even though we knew he had it...getting the confirmation made me sick to my stomach. I hope research has grown and there is a cure other then surgery when the time comes for Justin to have children. His children will have a 50% chance of having NF2. I don't want him to have to make hard decisions. I want to get involved to help raise $ for research and I plan on devoting more time to NF2 in the coming months to make this happen.