Friday, October 17, 2008

Marathon - I'm a finisher!!!

Here we are....atleast mile 17 or 18. No spectators were able to spectate until after the 14th mile of the race....and let's face's not a race.....It's a run!!! I am not racing in a marathon!
The shirts around our waist was due to the fact of seeing to many other people ugly bumms, we were scared that other people were thinking the same thing about our's that we were thinking about their's. Needless to say the shirts stayed on the entire time.

This is my dad. Isn't he the cutest! He would meet us a few hundred yards from where all our fans were waiting to see what we needed....water, gatorade, goo, vasaline, a replacement (HEHE)...he would run back to where everyone was and get what we needed. What a great dad! Kami and I definitely couldn't have finished without all our support. Love you all!

I think this is around the twenty mile marker...I see that Melissa is running with us now. She is one of Kami's friends and she jumped in around mile 17 for morale support. Running a marathon is so mental. Melissa's pep talks really pulled us through. Jason jumped in at mile 21 and ran to the finish with us. He was a great help to us as well. We both finished and Kami broke her record by over 30 minutes from her previous marathon. Good job sis! Oh and by the way...these smiles are fake!!! Someone shoot me.
I am actually wanting to run another one. Bring it on. It was awesome!!! Jason is thinking of running one with us in 2009. If you haven't ran a it; it is the most gratifying feeling to cross the finish line after months, miles and hours of training!!! It doesn't get much better then this!!!!