Monday, April 30, 2012

Janae & Ali Visit the Desert

Janae and Ali (Jason's two youngest sister's) came and visited us on Easter and stayed for the week. We really enjoyed their stay. Justin loves having company and having an extra person around to play with. Ali and Janae were no disappointment. During their visit Jason took them to the Cereal Box on the UofA campus. It is a restaurant that serves different cereal concoctions like the zinger which has fruit loops, coconut, strawberry jam and stuff like that.

'The Cereal Box' quaint and casual...and it is located on the back side of the main
strip of restaraunts by the UofA campus (away from the bars).

 This is the menu. Not only do they have a bunch of different cereal concoctions
they also have panini's. 

 This is the "Zinger". Logan isn't a good eater unless it includes sugar or cheese.

During Ali and Janae's visit we also headed down to visit family in Bowie. Jason and I had visited Jared and Melanie a few weeks prior to this visit and discovered they had put in a fire pit. (Jason's dream yard includes a fire pit for cooking paella.) So we headed down to make paella. This is the beginning of the dish. Jason was taking the pictures and cooking so this is the only one we got. Melanie Allred has some really good photos on her facebook page if you want to see the finished product. Yumm-O.

We always feel so loved when family makes an effort to come see us and to help us break up the monotny of everyday desert life. We love you Ali and Janae!