Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jason & Justin's UT trip

Jason & Justin headed to UT the end of Oct to take our big black lab to a bigger home. The boys met grandpa Anderson, great grandpa Anderson and Nick in Oak City where they went to look for deer. It looks like it was cold to me. Justin had the time of his life on the four wheeler. He loved riding it. He started calling it "my car". I am soo glad Jason had the opportunity to go spend some time with his dad, grandpa and brother...I'm sure it was a memorable trip. Our dog is going to head back to WA where he will have a lot more room to run around and get his energy out. And YES, Justin has a buzz. I learned how to cut hair at an enrichment activity and it seemed easy enough. I cut Justin's hair one evening after work and the next day when I returned home from work Justin's hair was buzzed. I'm guessing Jason didn't like the hair cut I gave Justin. It will grow back and I can practise again, and again, and again. I think he looks cute with a buzz. He looks just like his dad.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Marathon - I'm a finisher!!!

Here we are....atleast mile 17 or 18. No spectators were able to spectate until after the 14th mile of the race....and let's face's not a race.....It's a run!!! I am not racing in a marathon!
The shirts around our waist was due to the fact of seeing to many other people ugly bumms, we were scared that other people were thinking the same thing about our's that we were thinking about their's. Needless to say the shirts stayed on the entire time.

This is my dad. Isn't he the cutest! He would meet us a few hundred yards from where all our fans were waiting to see what we needed....water, gatorade, goo, vasaline, a replacement (HEHE)...he would run back to where everyone was and get what we needed. What a great dad! Kami and I definitely couldn't have finished without all our support. Love you all!

I think this is around the twenty mile marker...I see that Melissa is running with us now. She is one of Kami's friends and she jumped in around mile 17 for morale support. Running a marathon is so mental. Melissa's pep talks really pulled us through. Jason jumped in at mile 21 and ran to the finish with us. He was a great help to us as well. We both finished and Kami broke her record by over 30 minutes from her previous marathon. Good job sis! Oh and by the way...these smiles are fake!!! Someone shoot me.
I am actually wanting to run another one. Bring it on. It was awesome!!! Jason is thinking of running one with us in 2009. If you haven't ran a it; it is the most gratifying feeling to cross the finish line after months, miles and hours of training!!! It doesn't get much better then this!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Race - 8-Miler

What a way to start off a Holiday. The race was a lot of hills. I didn't realize that there was a hill that went almost straight up for an entire 1.5 miles. Holy Moly! It was pretty intense. I felt awesome...once I finished. I ran the race with a few friends. Mindy Burns, Erika Lewis & Margie Hess. To view the elvations click the title (Labor Day Race - 8-Miler), woohoo!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fresh Do

Justin just got a hair cut for his two year old pictures. He was a good boy and we got some really good pics. Other then that we are still surviving here in Tucson. It has been raining a lot lately. I have eaten a bag of candy corn each day this week. I really have a problem. The good news is that the six bags I bought are now gone. I just have to not buy any more. Jason is doing well, he went running with me last night, he is such a great motivator. This week is my peak week with 40 miles total. CRAZY!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Justin loves trains! Besides that I put together a 2-page scrapbook layout that has the train I needed a picture of him in a yellow train. I know, I know...I did it backwards.

We went to ride the train at the clubhouse here in our development because our A/C unit wasn't working properly and it was getting too hot to sit inside and wait for him to arrive. We headed out to burn sometime (no pun intended) to prevent from roasting ourselves to death. I'm sure this will be a memorable visit for Ali.

Everyone keeps bugging me to put together a blog so I will do my best to keep up.

Justin will be two on July 25th. He loves cars and trucks and he loves to go to the park and swing and he really likes Oreos! Jason is working nights, starting tonight. His shift starts at 11p.m. and he will get off around 8 or 9am. He seems to enjoy his job. The other day he had a long shift and I asked him why he was so late and he said he caught some smugglers with 163lbs of marijuana (actually the smugglers ran but they left their packs hidden). Ali and I gasped...responding 'that was quite a bit of weed'. Jason responded that it wasn't really that much comparatively speaking. Crazy, I thought. I am working hard doing insurance and training for the "Top of Utah" marathon in Logan, UT. I am running the race with two of my sisters (Chelsea & Kami), the race is in September. We had to run 12 miles today...let's just say I haven't had the most pleasant disposition today. Woowhooo!!!