Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jason & Justin's UT trip

Jason & Justin headed to UT the end of Oct to take our big black lab to a bigger home. The boys met grandpa Anderson, great grandpa Anderson and Nick in Oak City where they went to look for deer. It looks like it was cold to me. Justin had the time of his life on the four wheeler. He loved riding it. He started calling it "my car". I am soo glad Jason had the opportunity to go spend some time with his dad, grandpa and brother...I'm sure it was a memorable trip. Our dog is going to head back to WA where he will have a lot more room to run around and get his energy out. And YES, Justin has a buzz. I learned how to cut hair at an enrichment activity and it seemed easy enough. I cut Justin's hair one evening after work and the next day when I returned home from work Justin's hair was buzzed. I'm guessing Jason didn't like the hair cut I gave Justin. It will grow back and I can practise again, and again, and again. I think he looks cute with a buzz. He looks just like his dad.