Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Justin: the clean freak?

The boys are finally asleep and I am putting away some laundry before I head to bed and I open Justin's closet and I see this shirt hanging in his closet. This is the shirt he wore today. It is dirty, inside out and backwards....but it is hanging on a hanger in the closet. The ironic thing about this is I have never asked him to hangup his clothes nor have I ever seen him to do this. I have found dirty clothes in his dresser drawers quite often but I have never seen him hang up a shirt. I guess I am amazed at how fast he is getting this whole life thing figured took me quite awhile to figure things out and he just knows whats up! He started saying "I know mom" the other day. I thought your kids didn't start sayin' that 'til they were teenagers???

Thursday, September 23, 2010

2 Peas in a Pod

I started doing some did scrapping. I originally was against this and probably wouldn't be doing any digital but my craft room was turned into a nursery and I have no space to scrap unless I tote all my stuff to the kitchen table and have a mess there for weeks. We have four bedrooms and only three are being used for bedrooms; why not use the forth bedroom for my crafts??? Well...Jason felt it imperative to his survival that the forth bedroom be used for the "MAN CAVE". In the "MAN CAVE" you will happen upon brain numbing items such as PS3 and other similar nonsense.

So, Jason bought PhotoShop Elements for my Mother's Day gift and I have enjoyed learning how to digi scrap and I do like the no-mess concept. I still want to scrapbook and make cards but for my life right now, digital seems to work perfectly.

I love this picture of Justin and Logan. Looking at the picture reminds me how much Logan looks like an Allred. He reminds me of Melanie children. Logan is weighing a little over 23 lbs and is 6 months old, Justin is 4 yrs old weighing around 37 lbs.